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We all suffer from it from time to time. Stress, in itself, is not bad, it is simply our automatic response to new situations.  Our subconscious mind uses stress to push us forward so that we perform better.  Stress becomes a problem when we feel as if we can’t escape...

B is for Breakthrough

Definition: a sudden, dramatic and important discovery or development.  An important discovery that happens after trying for a long time to understand or explain something. I’ve used NLP techniques for many years, even going back to my time in the steel industry...

Why work with a coach?

I've met many coaches during my time managing a junior ice hockey team. I watch in awe as some earn the trust and respect of the players, who listen and work hard on the ice even when fighting against a stronger team. The great coaches bring back the team smiling,...

A is for Anchor

Most people know the story of Pavlov and his dogs and I'm sure you've experienced much the same thing. You hear particular music, smell things like freshly baked bread or perfume or see photographs and suddenly you feel all the emotions connected to that stimulus....


…to the collection of my reflections and musings.  You’ll find a mixture of topics ranging from NLP techniques to ice hockey.  Practical tools to help build confidence in yourself or a high performing team.



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