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How I helped my client make the life-changing decision to leave

a bullying environment and determine a fulfilling future

When I met my client she was in floods of tears.  She had been referred to me after suffering bullying in the workplace for some time. We spent time talking about what had been happening and how she was feeling, and it was clear that she was close to breakdown. I knew I could help, explained the process and she quickly decided she wanted to work with me. I was so concerned for her that I cleared my diary so that we could start immediately.

Taking time to understand

My first session always begins with asking lots of questions. It’s really important that I really understand the current situation but also to be clear about the outcomes that my client wants – it’s usual for other challenges and patterns in behaviour to come up during that first session. As our time drew to an end, my client was already feeling a little better. She felt that the burden had been lifted and she had the certainty that everything would be alright. 

A Personal REsponse

Everyone needs different support and I used the answers from the first session to create a bespoke Personal Breakthrough Programme packed with the support she needed. Over the few next sessions, we used powerful NLP techniques and Timeline Therapy to bring about lasting change. For example, my client had identified a lack of confidence in her abilities, which left her feeling trapped by the situation she was in. The tools enabled her to identify many incidents throughout life that had led her to believe that she wasn’t ‘good enough’ and which explained her response to her current situation. She frequently exclaimed “Wow, that’s weird: good, but weird!” (as did I when I first experienced myself how quickly the techniques could bring about change).

Creating a vision for her future

After just 3 sessions, you could see the physical change in my client. There was a calm determination about her as she took control of her personal and business life.  We finished our sessions together by creating a vivid vision of her future, which enabled her to take the decision to embrace a fresh start: leaving the organisation where she had worked for a number of years to find a new, more exciting role.


“I really enjoyed our sessions, although some very deep wounds were opened, I feel better about them than I have ever done.  So I can only thank you so much for enabling me to move on… eternally grateful”