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Why work with a coach?

I’ve met many coaches during my time managing a junior ice hockey team. I watch in awe as some earn the trust and respect of the players, who listen and work hard on the ice even when fighting against a stronger team. The great coaches bring back the team smiling, even when they have experienced a crushing defeat.

A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness!

Michael Jordan

In business, it has become more acceptable among leaders to talk about working with coaches and mentors. You can find stories from the well know business leaders talking about how invaluable it was to work with a coach and the benefits they saw in the process.

So how can coaching help you?

  1. You will achieve your goals. If you haven’t set goals, a coach will help you realise what you want to achieve and help you achieve more than you thought possible.
  2. A coach enables you to identify your skill gaps and helps you to develop skills to close the gaps and move towards the goals you have set.
  3. A good coach will have integrity. They will be honest in their feedback.
  4. A coach will hold you accountable to the new actions that you have agreed to commit to.
  5. A coach can help you to find new ways of thinking and doing things to bring different outcomes.
  6. You will think ‘big’. Sometimes we know what we want, but we believe that we cannot achieve it. An Executive Coach will encourage you to go for the big goals.
  7. Support, empathy and encouragement. With no agenda save helping you to become the best ‘player’ you can become. A coach is your cheerleader, confidante, partner, the resource you need to get where you want to go.