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Why am I the person you want to work with?

I understand.  I have been where you are now.

I spent almost 20 years in the Commodity Industry (specifically dealing with lead, zinc, copper and steel) in roles ranging from translator to trader to Chief Executive Officer and pretty much everything in between. For much of my career I was the only woman in the company (other than the administrative staff) so when you tell me about how you are not taken seriously, have to work twice as hard to prove yourself or have to jump hurdles to compete with the ‘boys club’ mentality, I really do know what that feels like and more than that I have techniques which I used myself.

I worked hard to prove myself and was the CEO of a boutique steel company with an annual turnover of US$250 million.  It was a constant battle because my male colleagues were all part of the ‘boys club’ who would bond while visiting gentlemen’s clubs.

Most of my friends would probably have called me a workaholic; the truth is, I worked and played hard and got great satisfaction out of moving the company forward despite working 14/15 hour days.  The birth of my son was a catalyst for change.  Having miscarried a number of times, I decided I wanted a better work/life balance so I left the steel industry behind and started Craftport.  In the first few years I helped many entrepreneurs by using the experience and knowledge that I had amassed during my career.  From working with men and women from a range of backgrounds with very different and wide-ranging skills, I know how to create successful teams, deliver bespoke strategies, help individuals achieve their goals (and help them create some if they didn’t have any!), write business plans, create processes that really work – in short, how to be successful. 

As I grew my business and heard the stories of other female entrepreneurs, some of whom started their own businesses because they got tired of fighting their way up the ladder.  I realised that I could make a difference for those women who were fighting to be seen and heard as I had.   Many of us struggle with feeling that we are not good enough (imposter syndrome), are overwhelmed by juggling life’s demands, or our perfectionism holds us back.  I offer a unique perspective of what can be achieved with the right mindset and a clear strategy. I provide a bespoke service to each person: a combination of coaching, support and collaboration.

I am a qualified NLP practitioner and Timeline Therapist, a Fellow of the IoD

Work is important and I love it! I also enjoy the balance I never found in the steel industry.  Weekends are busy as I spend much of my time visiting ice rinks in the UK and occasionally further afield, as I manage a junior ice hockey team, and I also help to run a weekend language school.  I am also currently part of the English Ice Hockey Association’s WNIHL Programme Team tasked with growing and building a world-class programme that’s accessible to all female players.  I love to read, walk or cycle in nature and ski (slowly according to my son!).

I really enjoy my life and I’d be honoured to spend some of my time with you.

My Vision

  • To spearhead a global revolution that demolishes barriers, shatters stereotypes and creates a future where aspiring female leaders transcend societal constraints and embrace success and fulfilment without limitation or inhibition.
  • To create a world together where female leaders rise, inspire and reshape the landscape of leadership for generations to come.
  • To rewrite the narrative to build a future where leadership is defined by inclusivity, authenticity and shared values.
  • To celebrate the arrival of a more equitable and inclusive society where everyone can reach their full potential.