Find out how to say goodbye to your inner imposter



Leadership is lonely

and it shackles you to corporate success.  I wish someone had been there to tell me. 

They weren’t .

Now I am the mentor I wish I’d had back then. Don’t go it alone, instead, lead by example and show how fulfilment, freedom and diversity grows businesses (and people).

How alone are you?

After a successful career culminating in by being CEO of a US$250 million steel business, my credibility, experience, caring nature, and my ability to challenge fairly, far exceeds the standard coaching certifications one can find in the market place.

If you are a business executive or leader, how disconnected from your life are you?

Craftport is different. As a successful, female, former CEO, I have a unique perspective and approach to building the confidence of women in male dominated industries.  I know from experience that by thinking AND acting differently, you can make REAL change happen for yourself, within your team and for your business.

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If you are a leader looking to find fulfilment and freedom whilst being successful in business, then this is how you can work with me

Building Invincible Executives


Boards and shareholders know that having a diverse team is financially desired but despite that, find attracting, and more importantly retaining, women in leadership roles incredibly difficult.



Coaching & Mentoring


Cornelia is able to draw on more than 20 years experience to offer a bespoke mixture of coaching, mentoring and training in every engagement.  This person centred approach ensures fast results.


Workshops & Masterclasses


On diverse subjects as

  • Imposter Syndrome: Taming your Inner Critic (CPD Accredited)
  • Escaping the Pandemic Mindset
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Creating a Vision for the Future



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What People Have Said

Eternally Grateful!
Thank you so much for enabling me to move on

Insightful and Generous

In an extremely short amount of time, Cornelia worked with my unique situation to equip me with a bespoke set of tools and practices that have enabled me to build a clear sense of purpose and direction as well as to approach the planning and decision-making involved in getting there.

Go to Person

A hugely successful event where our members took away some invaluable advice and guidance. If you want an informed and extremely knowledgeable keynote speaker on Imposter Syndrome, then Cornelia is your go to person.

Inspirational & Informative

Cornelia has been incredibly generous with her support for Women in Recruitment in the past and has hosted both face to face breakfast meetings and webinars covering Imposter Syndrome that were inspirational, informative and very well received.

Beautiful Soul

You are such a beautiful soul and make me feel so much more ‘together’.

You are like an angel.

Permission to be me

I’ve also made huge progress around how to be a leader, how to do that strategic work and how to make time for that, how to use the tools available in order to do that more effectively, and therefore, come to understand what it means to be a leader, and all of the things that come with that and that I can trust my thought processes and decision making.

You’ve managed to ground me. Given me useful tools and helped me understand and validate that I’m not making up in my head, something not okay is going on, and that I can deal with it. You have given me permission to be me basically. And to see that by me being me, my business would be more successful.

And finally I really like you as a person. I feel like we get on really well and I that surprised me. I wasn’t expecting that to be part of it as well.



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